Travis Foundation


We're honored to contribute to the discussion around diversity, inclusion, and access to technology at the Travis Foundation, and want to help highlight the work of others who are doing the same.


  • "The A11Y Project" - A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier; page with interesting articles, tips and resources on the topic of accessibility on the web.
  • "Color accessibility" - An overview of tools and resources to help you design inclusive products


Codes of Conduct

  • "A Code of Conduct is Not Enough" - what can happen when a code of conduct is not followed at a conference, and lessons learned about managing code of conducts and events' culture
  • "Abuse is Not Ok" - an examination of abusive behavior in open source communities and what to do instead of making or allowing personal attacks to go on

Conferences and Public Speaking

  • "" - information website that collects information about making conferences accessible and inclusive
  • "Speakerline" - Showcasing speakers' proposals and timelines in an effort to demystify the CFP process and help new speakers get started.
  • "Speakerinnen" - Find women speakers and moderators for your conference
  • "The less obvious conference checklist" - A list of actionable suggestions to help make your conferences better and more inclusive
  • "Enby Speakers in Tech" - A list of non-binary speakers who do talks on technology
  • "Outspoken Women" - A resource for women and non-binary individuals in the Open Source tech industry to provide them with support, mentorship, and financial scholarships to speak at events
  • "Speakers who want a platform" - A directory of underrepresented speakers for Q&A panels/conferences/events


  • "Talk about Nothing" - an examination of some of the rules that shape our experience, current society's roots in ancient philosophy, and how that impacts' our different realities in developing software today.
  • "The Responsibility of 'Diversity'" - why there's a need for improvements in diversity in technology, how to have a conversation about it, and what to do when things go wrong.
  • "On improving diversity in hiring" - Tips on hiring diversely


Gender Pay Gap


Intersectional Feminism

Reverse Discrimination

Unconscious Bias