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Conference Support

Conferences and events are a great way to connect with people from the community and meet new faces, and we want to be a part of it! Travis Foundation has supported various conferences by handling the financial side of things, so organisers can focus on organising.

What we do

Organising a conference or an event takes a lot of time and effort, and most event organisers do this in their free time. We believe that a healthy, happy community is a great way to foster diversity, and that’s why we support Berlin-based conferences and events when we can, by taking care of finance-related tasks such as dealing with taxes. This way, organisers are able to focus on their event, their speakers, and their attendees. In 2015, we supported front-end and full-stack conferences (CSSConf EU, JSConf EU, OTSConf) as well as a Clojure workshop targeting beginners (ClojureBridge).

Supported initiatives