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There are so many great ideas and creative developers in our community, and we think they should be supported. An ambitious dream is only the beginning of a long journey and we will help making it real.

What are Open Source Grants?

Open Source Grants is a way for us to support projects in Open Source that add great value to the community. Since most Open Source work is done in personal free time, it often leads to projects not being updated or developed further. Providing Open Source Grants will enable maintainers (or core contributors) to work on their projects full time.

For the projects, we will find sponsors who want to fund the maintainer’s work for a specific time span. We will always decide on a case-by-case basis and figure out the best solution with the maintainer, but a Grant could e.g. last for one, three or six months.

What are we looking for?


We want to support projects without stable funding that help raise diversity in Open Source. This can mean that the maintainer / core-team have are set a great example for others to follow suit, that they, or the project itself, are dedicated to bringing more diversity to the Open Source community, or that they show dedication to diversity in any other way.

What can project maintainers expect?

Project Maintainers can expect us to manage and find sponsors that want to fund the work on their project for a specific time frame. We will manage the communication between maintainers and sponsors, help to set up the roadmap for the time of the Open Source Grant, and document the process together with the maintainers. Travis Foundation will also help the maintainer’s project gain more visibility within Open Source Communities and initiatives and help find and spread the word to a more diverse generation of contributors.

How do I submit a project?

We are in the process of setting up an application process, more information will follow soon!


We are looking for companies that want to help us make Open Source a better place for everyone and who are enthusiastic about the projects we support. To be able to fund the maintainer to work on their project for a dedicated period of time, we need financial support. Contributions are appreciated in any size, get in touch to talk about that more.

What can donors expect?

Donors will not only take an active part in fostering diversity in our communities, but also reach visibility through the Travis Foundation, be known for their love and support of diverse projects, and be able to work closer together with the maintainers of the project.

During the period of the Open Source Grant, we will supervise and guide the progress of the projects, define expectations, and — together with maintainers — build a roadmap, which will be communicated upfront and updated regularly.

The development of the projects will be documented through the Foundation blog and through newsletters which you will soon be able to sign up for.

Get in touch for more details on sponsoring packages/ Donate!

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