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Travis Foundation Statement

The past few months have been a testing time for us all. As the global pandemic led to the cancellation of so many events and created new challenges for nonprofits, we remained steadfast that Rails Girls Summer of Code should go ahead as planned.

Despite this determination and the extra measures put in place to safeguard the program, we have been unable to gather the resources necessary to keep Travis Foundation running. Sadly, it will soon close its doors for good.

Many of you will share our disappointment at this turn of events. Thanks to the incredible efforts of this awesome community, fully committed to increasing inclusion and diversity in open source, we have witnessed huge improvements over the past 7 years. While we see this as a genuine success, we know there is still much to do.

It is comforting to know that you - thousands of inspirational coders of all genders and backgrounds - will continue to advocate for diversity, challenge discrimination, and bring about societal change.

While Travis Foundation will no longer be an influential force in this movement, we step aside gracefully in the knowledge that new - and even more groundbreaking - initiatives and opportunities will certainly develop in its place.

Thank you for making the past 7 years so awesome! ❤️💛💚💙

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