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Diversity Tickets meets Prototype Fund

Candela and Jessica are the recipients of one of the Prototype Fund grants for 2018 and developers on the Open Source project Diversity Tickets.

Diversity Tickets was originally born as an initiative of Rails Girls Berlin and the RubyMonstas study group at Travis CI and is now being run by Travis Foundation as a non-profit project.

Who are we?

Candela has been working for more than 7 years in the tech industry. She is passionate about clean code, collaborative and open source projects and DIY.
Jessica is a freelance web developer at codenoiz.com. She also has a professional music background and when she is not writing code she works as a singer at lieblingslied-hochzeitsgesang.de.

The two of us met in May last year at the RubyMonstas Monday study group where we became Svens’ Ruby Padawans; together we founded the codersdiv GbR to be able to work on Diversity Tickets as part of the Prototype Foundation Program.

How it began…

It was at one of those RubyMonstas Meetups on a Monday night in July last year at the Travis CI offices that Sven asked us if we would be up for supporting Diversity Tickets by applying to a thing called “Prototype Fund” — a government fund to support digital open source projects like this one. We were very excited about the opportunity and happily took on the project.
We applied for the official third round of the Prototype Fund in August, by December Diversity Tickets was amongst the chosen finalists and in January it was official: We would be able to help Travis Foundation by working on the app for six months supported by the Prototype Fund, starting in April.
Now what exactly does that mean for Diversity Tickets?

Our work so far

User Profiles

One of the main changes that we implemented so far and will continue to refine is the login system for applicants in addition to the event organizers and admin logins that were already in use.
We created manageable profile accounts that all users can maintain and update with their personal information, depending on what they would like to share.

User Applications / Events

In addition to an account settings page that lets the user update their personal data, password, email address and email preferences we developed a feature that enables applicants to save, store and manage their event applications as well as their submitted events. In our setup users can be both — applicant and event organizer — and therefore can manage their own applications and events in their profile.
These features will hopefully create a benefit for Diversity Ticket users and therefore lead to more sign ups.

Statistical Insights

While the data management is a beneficial aspect for users, it also helps Travis Foundation to analyse the use cases of Diversity Tickets more accurately. We have created statistical features and reports in the admin dashboard based on the information we can now provide, such as number of applications per person, country or event, how many drafts have been created for a specific event versus how many applications have been submitted, etc.
Additionally, event organizers that use the Travis Foundation application process will now be able to see the current number of submitted applications at a glance and can be kept in the loop more easily.

Communication & Processes

So far the process of managing and approving applications has been handled manually by Travis Foundation. To make this easier we have created an approval/rejection system for admins inside the app.
We are also working to extend automated processes like email notifications and an automated Twitter feature that tweets approved events spread out evenly over the day and that can also be adjusted manually for special cases.

Data Security

Another big topic during our work on the app in the last months has been the introduction of the GDPR. While we created the possibility to save more user data, we are also hoping to give the user more control over their own data. We implemented a download option of all stored data connected to an account so users can see a detailed overview of what information we store, autonomously. In addition to that we created the option for users to delete their account independently and with immediate effect without the need to contact Travis Foundation.
We also updated the app to Rails 5. ;)

We are happy to be able to develop the project further for already three months now and improve the experience for Diversity Tickets users, make the life of Travis Foundation and particularly Laura’s and Anika’s lives easier by implementing new features and hopefully be able to help Diversity Tickets reach an even bigger audience.

What’s next?

We will continue to implement and develop more features in the upcoming months. Diversity Tickets is an amazing Open Source project which we are very excited to be a part of and hope to be able to contribute to even more in the weeks to come. Thank you and a big shout out to the community for making this happen! We’d particularly like to thank:
Anika from Travis Foundation and Katrin who introduced us to the app and explained to us the procedures and challenges that come with managing Diversity Tickets. The same goes for Maren and Anja from speakerinnen.org who were part of the first Prototype Fund round with their project and gave us helpful advice for our application.
Last but not least — A big thank you goes to our RubyMonstas heroes Sven and Andy and everyone else who supported us along the process, including the team of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

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