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Prompt In The World of Conferences

PJ Hagerty is a co-organiser of Prompt. Travis Foundation is providing an new organisational home for Prompt so it may continue its important work.

Meeting Our Goals

When Prompt began, our goal was always to get the word out. The best way to do that is to take the message to the people most in need. Since we are dedicated to ending the stigma of mental health in tech, that means conferences.

This year, for the first time, Prompt has begun to be a small sponsor at conferences where one of our representatives was present. Our first event was ElixirDaze in St. Augustine, Florida. The 100 person event focused on the Elixir language and was organized by myself and Johnny Winn. Prompt sponsored and distributed stickers to attendees. I also gave a brief talk on Prompt, what we do, and how people can help. As we’ve come to find, this started many conversations on the topic of mental health.

A Different Forum

Throughout the past year, we have had companies reach out to have speakers come directly to their offsites or inservices. We’ve had speakers go to places like Dyn and MassTLC to address audiences directly on the subject and we’ve seen success.

Additionally, we’ve seen lots of people giving talks on mental health at meet-ups around the globe. Some speakers, such as Julia Nguyen have spread the word from coast to coast in the US while under the Prompt banner. Other folks, such as Jason Charnes, have taken up the mantle and started speaking about the subject on their own. Seeing this happen at the local, small-group level has been a huge boost, not only in getting the conversation started, but also in pride that this subject is slowly coming out of the shadows.

Prompt has also reached out and seen some success in getting people to share their stories on our blog. We’re always looking for contributors, whether they be seasoned pros, or just someone wanting to share their story (publicly or anonymously) with our readers and followers.

What’s Next?

This autumn, Prompt is the sponsor of CodeDaze, a conference dedicated to everything tech. Two Prompt speakers, Justine Arreche and Caleb Thompson will be speaking on subjects of dealing with mental health issues and methods to help. Additionally, Prompt will have stickers and t-shirts and we will continue to get the word out.

How It’s Done

None of this would be possible without our team at the Travis Foundation, who make our lives easier by handling the business side of things. We are extremely grateful for their help.

If you are interested in Prompt, getting a speaker for your event, want to write a guest post for the blog, want to make a donation (Prompt runs on your donations), or just have questions about what we do, please reach out at We’re always happy to hear from you. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates and the latest news on where we’ll be.

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