Travis Foundation

New CEO and manager for Travis Foundation

Anika and Laura Anika Lindtner and Laura Gaetano | Image: Michael Berger

The new year brought some changes! I’m thrilled to announce that Laura Gaetano has joined the Travis Foundation as a manager. She is now helping to manage all our wonderful projects and will especially take the lead on the communication side of things. She has helped develop Rails Girls Summer of Code since 2014, has organised events in the Ruby community, coaches at Rails Girls events around Europe when she can and is involved in a variety of Open Source projects, which is why she’s a perfect fit for Travis Foundation and the goals we want to achieve.

I’m also happy to announce that I have taken the position of CEO of Travis Foundation and am so much looking forward to develop our future projects and ideas together with Laura, the Travis CI team and all the wonderful people behind our projects. Next to announcing our search for sponsors for exercism we have some exciting news in the next days for you, so stay tuned. We have a lot of plans for how to improve our Open Source communities together. It’s going to be a magical 2016!

If you want to help or support Travis Foundation in any way, drop us a line. We love hearing from you and your ideas!

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