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New Open Source Grant! CocoaPods supported by SoundCloud

Wonderful news!

We are happy to announce our next Open Source Grant: CocoaPods supported by our wonderful friends at SoundCloud.

CocoaPods is an application level dependency manager for Xcode projects. It is a command line tool inspired by the Ruby projects RubyGems and Bundler which allows to specify the dependencies for a project in one simple text file. It has gained wide adoption in the Objective-C community and currently almost 4000 libraries are available for use. Fabio Pelosin, Co-author of CocoaPods

The next three months will be dedicated to bringing CocoaPods even further and we are looking forward to learning more about this wonderful project.

SoundCloud is thrilled to be partnering with the Travis Foundation to sponsor the continued development of CocoaPods. Our iOS team uses CocoaPods every day to manage the dependencies of our mobile apps. We hope that this sponsorship will lead to improvements that benefit the entire Mac and iOS developer ecosystem.
Erik Michaels-Ober, Developer at Soundcloud

In the next week Fabio will introduce us a bit deeper to CocoaPods and the route for the next three months. So stay tuned and give it a go:

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