Travis Foundation

Working towards a better
open source community

"Community is a group responsibility. It doesn’t belong to a few
prominent people, but all of us. It’s our responsibility to make it better."

Karolina Szczur @fox

We are Travis Foundation

Travis Foundation is a non-profit initiative aiming to give back and pay forward to the Open Source community.

Travis CI has always been very much rooted in Open Source. Working with the community to build a service for the community has been one wild love and success story. Since Travis CI now is an established, solid service, it is time to give back even more.

With Travis Foundation we will use our expertise to support projects that provide opportunities to newcomers, foster diversity and make the community an even greater place in general.

  • Henrietta

    Rails Girls Core-Team

    Travis CI has always been rocking away at great stuff. Now they have kicked off and managed Rails Girls Summer of Code: funding and supporting women around the world to work full-time for 3 months on open-source projects, speak at conferences and get in touch with the community.

  • Josh

    Co-founder, Travis CI

    Open Source software is important to many companies the world over. It helps power and drive some of our favorite websites. Open Source Grants is our way of giving back by helping support important established projects, and grow new pioneering projects alike.

  • Anika

    CEO, Travis Foundation

    Diversity in Tech is one project we have on our list. We want to work with conferences, community leaders, companies, initiatives on making our community more open, inclusive and diverse: an even better place. We are currently talking to people, collecting and discussing ideas.