Travis Foundation


We're honored to contribute to the discussion around diversity, inclusion, and access to technology at the Travis Foundation, and want to help highlight the work of others who are doing the same.


Reverse Discrimination

Codes of Conduct

  • "A Code of Conduct is Not Enough" - what can happen when a code of conduct is not followed at a conference, and lessons learned about managing code of conducts and events' culture
  • "Abuse is Not Ok" - an examination of abusive behavior in open source communities and what to do instead of making or allowing personal attacks to go on

Unconscious Bias


  • "Dissent Unheard Of" - a discussion of what is silencing, how to identify it, what it looks like when it's happening, and what to do if you see silencing happening
  • "Why Nerd Culture Must Die" - a discussion of how 'nerd culture' needs to respect the wider, and more diverse group of people who see themselves as 'nerds'
  • "There's no Merit in Meritocracy" - a discussion of how communities that pride themselves on meritocracy can have an inherit exclusivity because of how power is balanced and imbalanced; Contains strong language
  • "" - information website that collecting information about making conferences accessible and inclusive
  • "5 Essential Ways to Support the Autism Community in Autism Acceptance" - How to be inclusive of autistic people and support the autism community beyond autism acceptance



Gender Pay Gap